The Hurt of Healing

The mere thought of the process of healing being painful is enough to make the strongest individual shudder in fright.  Why?  Simply put, no one likes pain…especially pain in the midst of pain.  Haven’t we been through enough?  Why in the world would someone volunteer on a daily basis to submit to unwanted discomfort?  Because the pain that we endure for the sake of Christ and Him crucified is not for this life only, but for an eternal life to come.....
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We are here to help women transition from a life of abuse and oppression to a life of security and protection.

That is why it is our sincere desire at Psalm 10:18 Ministries to offer more than just a place of protection, but rather a home where she and her children can receive complete healing for the entire person.  This will minister and bring them to a place of total freedom.  Our ministry is based upon the scripture Psalm 10:18 " do justice to the fathersless and oppressed., so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more" (ESV).

While the abuser may be the greatest threat to the abused, to the broken and beaten down individual even freedom and independence can strike terror.
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